Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 19

I made Hubby take a 19 week photo of me.  I'm a little late as I hit the 20 week mark on Monday, but hopefully I'll get that picture taken this weekend.  Here's a fun little comparison for you of my current 19 week belly and my 19 week belly with Cameron.

I didn't make a shirt to track my weeks for this poor little babe.  I'll have to figure out some kind of system so I can remember which week it was.  

I still wear my sea bands.  I'm worried to take them off because I don't want to be nauseous.  I'm starting to have hints of heartburn, too.  With Cameron I had to take heartburn medicine every day, so I hope I don't have to do that again.  I still have aversions to chicken, although I can eat soup with chicken if someone else makes it.  Eggs are hard for me to eat, too.  I mostly have a hard time with the way cooked eggs smell.  It's so weird.  I think I could eat a hardboiled egg without problems, but scrambled are a different story.  Cameron and I eat a lot of black bean quesadillas because salsa has been a constant good tasting thing for me.  As far as cravings go, they don't hit me very often.  Right now I can't stop thinking about apple crisp.  I even debated making a pan this afternoon, but I don't trust myself to save any for Hubby.  Fruit in general tastes really good to me, so I guess that's at least a healthy craving!     

My friend and I have decided to get more into our photography and do a 52 week challenge.  The only successful 52 week challenge I have ever completed was Cameron's!  That was hard and it was just a photo of a baby.  We are going to have themes to keep us motivated.  I'm excited to get started!  

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