Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas spirit

This year after putting it off for far too long, we decided not to put the tree up.  The idea of all of our ornaments being shattered was a bit too much to handle, so we thought we'd all be safer without it up.  But that means our house wasn't looking very festive.  So last night Hibby and I got busy crafting and made a toddler safe Christmas tree!!  

We cut it all out of felt and stuck it to the door with removable poster tape.  I found the idea on this blog-

Cameron loves pulling the ornaments and lights off and putting them back on.  (And pulling the whole thing off the door.... But we're working on that!)

It's really nice to have a tree that we don't have to worry about being destroyed!  Now it feels a little more like Christmas around here! 

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  1. We skipped a tree this year too! But, we hung Christmas lights around the ceiling and put our tree skirt on the wall as a little reminder that it's Christmas. Way less stress!