Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An update!

Cameron is one busy boy lately!

His favorite things are cows.  Real cows, toy cows, cows in books, he loves them all!  He loves to moo like a cow, too.  He has a little cow and a tractor that he likes to play with.  

I can tell him to pick out a book to read and he will pick one and bring it to me.  He can put the books back in the basket, too!  

If I would let him, we would spend the whole day going up and down the stairs. Stairs are so fun!  Going outside is great, too.  In fact, Cameron sometimes will cry when someone leaves the room- not necessarily because he misses them, but because he thinks they are going outside without him! 

I'm amazed every day by something he understands.  I can ask him if he needs a new diaper and he will point to his diaper.  Sometimes he even brings me a diaper and let's me change him!  That is much easier than wrestling the new diaper on him, so I really like it when it's his choice! 

He loves the movie Shrek.  Actually I'm not sure if it's the movie he likes, or just the case, but he carries it around so sometimes we put the movie in and sometimes we just read the back of the case.  I have a feeling he thinks Shrek is a cow because he likes to moo at him.  

We went to Paul Bunyan last week and Cameron had a blast.  His favorite part was the slide. 

This is the best picture I got on our train ride.  What a difference in one year!  Last year he was just a little bug that snuggles in for the ride.  This year he was way more interested in the train than snuggles with mommy. 

Cameron has also learned some less desirable tricks.  If I take something away from him or move him away from something he will throw himself onto the floor and have a little toddler tantrum.  I usually ignore him and he gets over it quickly (thank goodness!).  A bigger problem is gagging himself.  He usually does this when he is contained in the car seat or high chair.  This is harder for me to ignore because he has made himself throw up from it.  My mom caught on to his trick though and watched him in the car seat.  She said he has just been putting his fingers in his mouth and making the gag noise, not actually gagging himself.  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.  So I'm working really hard to ignore that, too, and hopefully he'll stop doing it! 

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