Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 44

Well I certainly haven't been a loyal blogger lately.

Little man has been busy learning how to pull himself up onto things.  In fact, when he woke up from his nap yesterday he stood up in his crib!  Might be time to lower the mattress!  Other than that we've been busy hanging out with Auntie and making sure my dad is taking it easy so he can recover from back surgery!  I've also been working on painting the stairway and upstairs hallway.  It's a bit of a challenge painting during nap time, but that seems to be the only time I get a chance to work on it!  I have a quilt in the works as well, it was supposed to be part of Cameron's Easter basket but I sewed one of my squares wrong and it was discouraging enough to need a little break from it.

I've been having some computer troubles lately but I ordered a new battery so hopefully that helps!  I've had this computer for a while now so I suppose it is time for new parts.  :)  

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